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Support Guards on Southern Railway

RMT members have been striking against plans by GTR (Govia Thameslink Railway) to compromise passenger safety and customer service with more driver-only trains. ASLEF members have also voted to strike. For more information on the dispute, see their Facebook page.

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Job evaluation and equality

Job Evaluation (JE) is becoming more prevalent throughout industry. Employers typically introduce JE for 2 reasons. The main reason tends to be to try and get a grip on rising salaries. The other reason is to help employers cover themselves … Continue reading

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Set up a bank account well before you go on strike

Strikes eat money – for everything from hardship payments to members to printing of leaflets and fares to meetings and events. Luckily, strikes raise money too – as long as you ask for it. To raise money effectively, you need … Continue reading

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Organising contractors and building solidarity with the core workforce

As more and more companies are looking to outsource their workforces, it is vitally important that union reps look to organise outside as well as inside their workplaces. Having always worked as a contractor we’ve generally received hostility from more … Continue reading

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Mapping Your Workplace For Power On The Job

Mapping Your Workplace Workplace mapping can be used to identify health and safety hazards or the strengths and weaknesses of union membership in any workplace. Our concern here, however, is building strong workplace organisation by providing the ‘big picture’ and … Continue reading

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Resisting redundancies in an un-unionised workplace

Job cuts are hard enough to tackle with a strong union. How did workers resist and build organisation starting with just three union members? They didn’t save jobs, but winning higher redundancy payments boosted organisation and confidence. After one week … Continue reading

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