This site is run by a group of activists with the aim of helping people trying to organise their workplaces, whether they are already unionised or not.

Its main content is tips and anecdotes, normally anonymous, of what people have done in workplaces to organise or overcome particular problems or management tricks. Stories might prompt others to copy or avoid particular approaches, or just to see issues in a different light.

Thousands of activists have “war stories” they tell over a drink. As a movement we are bad at sharing them and learning from each other, so we spend too much time struggling with problems others have tackled before us. This site aims to contribute to fixing that.

We also welcome appeals for solidarity for workplace struggles e.g. pickets, protests, strike funds.

Please send in your own anecdotes, tips and appeals. Don’t worry if you aren’t a confident writer, we’re happy to help tidy things up. The identity of contributors will be treated in strictest confidence.

We encourage users to subscribe to new posts on the site which you can do via email, Twitter or Facebook.

We’re not aligned to any particular union or political grouping, but we all want to see workers being more active and self-sufficient with strong democratic organisation.

You are welcome to republish content from this site as long as you credit workplaceorganising.uk and link back to the site.

Our editorial team:

  • George Binette: active trade unionist for more than 20 years. Secretary of UNISON’s Camden local government branch, with 3,200 members, many now on outsourced contracts. Writes in a personal capacity.
  • Ian Allinson: Unite activist and former executive member who has led several successful strikes at Fujitsu in Manchester. Runs a blog about Unite.
  • Kim Moody: a founder of Labor Notes in the USA, and a writer on industrial relations.
  • Nilüfer Erdem: Unite young member in London involved in the hotel workers’ branch, the Fair Tips campaign and the Maid In London blog.
  • Olivia Mansfield: Led the recent unionisation of Dulwich Picture Gallery in response to the threat of redundancies.
  • Ray M: Unite activist in aerospace who organised his workplace in Luton and won union recognition.
  • Sarah Woolley: after organising in Greggs and being involved in the Fast Food Rights campaign, now an Organising Regional Secretary for BFAWU covering the North-East and Scotland.
  • Sheila Cohen: researcher and writer on workplace trade unionism. Edited Trade Union News from 1989 to 1995 and was associated with the US Labor Notes from 1997 to 2006.
  • Stewart Hume: Glasgow electrician on the national rank and file committee that defeated BESNA and active in the campaign against blacklisting.

The best way to contact us is by email.